"People without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots." -Marcus Garvey

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I wish to welcome you to my website. My name is Keleti Sanon and I am from Abidjan, on the Ivory Coast of West Africa. I am committed to bring my culture to my readers.

"As the child of an African father and an
African-American mother, I’ve always wanted
to know more about Africa. Doing so in America,
however, hasn’t always been easy."

Thus begins the foreword by author Marilynn Griffith that leads you into a book that offers a bridge between Africans and African Americans in the United States: Another Chance, Maybe the Last- Relations between African Americans and Africans.

Another Chance, Maybe the Last is an insightful book that shares some of the common beliefs and misconceptions among Africans and Africa-Americans. It not only tells of the history of Africa but gives insight into the journey from Africa to the U.S. and helps encourage our youth to share the truth about our connection.

Through the pages of this book, I introduce you to the importance of embracing your culture, your heritage in order to develop your true identity and to connect from which you came.

It is true that no man is an island. We do not exist just within ourselves. We are made up of those who came before us. The history of our existence is vital to understanding how we fit in the world and how we fit with one another. Another Chance, Maybe the Last illustrates Africa's history, the painful journey of slavery, the ramifications of slavery, and how parts of our history has disconnected us - from ourselves, from our people, and from our country.

To fully embrace who we are as a people, we need to KNOW one another as a people, and that's a main purpose behind the creation of this book. It is important for my African American cousins to know about the culture of Africa - how we value family, relationship, children, education, finances, and more.

It is important to see what we have in common and how we can connect those threads to entwine our cultures, our histories back together.

By writing this book, I hope to begin an exchange that clears up misinformation and ties the bonds that were broken so long ago.

LaTonya Branham, college administrator, professor, and author of CultureSeek: Connecting to African and African American History and Spirit Seek: Words from Scriptures That Transform Your Life, agrees as she states, "I highly recommend that all readers emerge themselves into Keleti Sanon’s quest for the acknowledgement of the common heritage between African and African American people. His book, Another Chance, Maybe the Last, is a heartfelt invitation from an African brother who encourages us to free our minds from the misconceptions that separate us. Sanon’s refreshing perspective reveals that the time is right for us to explore and embrace our connection…ultimately becoming better people. This book is a road map toward unity."

Another Chance, Maybe the Last confirms the fact that Africans and African-Americans are truly cousins in the human race. It shows how all cultures can benefit from our coming together and sharing their cultures.

Why not delve into the connection process now by reading the first chapter of the book here.

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